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We’re nearly there.

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binУЄre optionen webinar aufgenommen opcje binarne gdzie jest haczyk We’ve come a long way in the last few months.

go One of the major hurdles (apart from finding money) has been trying to stick to our original ethos of making everything from scratch.  With so many great gin products out there on the market we wanted to stand out from the crowd – not just in taste profile but also with our production method.

go site To make gin, you need to start with high-strength alcohol, which is legally required to be 96% abv and demethelyized. To get to this strength and standard you need a very tall style of distillation column and fermentation equipment – all of which comes with a significant price tag!  This is the main reason why a lot on the market (if not most gins – particularly in Ireland and the UK) choose to buy in this base neutral spirit. Whilst this comes from a variety of sources, it is essentially industrially made alcohol, which is then suitable for re-distilling and  flavouring to fit a specific profile.

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forex kursu istanbul With the plethora of challenges presented, it would be much easier to go down the road of buying in this high-strength, neutral, flavourless spirit. For me, this is missing the crucial part of making your own base alcohol.  To get over these legal, financial and practical challenges we have found a new distillation system, using the most up-to-date technology, which will produce our 96% abv starting point alcohol in small volumes.

go to site What this new still doesn’t come with is the fermentation equipment which we need to brew and ferment our starting base alcohol before distillation.  We are working on getting all of the necessary equipment (funding and resources permiting) but in the meantime we will be working with a local brewer to carry out this part of the process, so we can get started straight away. opcje binarne brokerzy The new still should be arriving in the next few days and we are really itching to get going! It feels like the dream is finally becoming a reality.

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